Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Globe tatto Super Surf

Super Surf

What is Super Surf?
Super Surf gives you unlimited access to the Internet using your Globe Tattoo Broadband USB or mobile phone.
What are the different Super Surf offers I can subscribe to?

* There are two variants to choose from:
* Super Surf 50: One-day unlimited surfing
* Super Surf 220: 5 days unlimited surfing

Who can avail of this promo?

* All Globe Tattoo Prepaid (broadband and mobile)
* All Globe Prepaid

How do I avail of this promo?

* Super Surf 50: text SUPERSURF50 to 8888
* Super Surf 220: text SUPERSURF220 to 8888

I am a Postpaid subscriber with Super Surf / Super Surf for BlackBerry. Can I register to this service?
Sorry but this service is currently available to Globe Prepaid and Globe Tattoo Prepaid subscribers only.
Can I avail of this promo through retailers via load?
This promo is currently available through text registration only
After I register, how will I know if my Super Surf is already active?
To check the status of your Super Surf subscription, send SUPERSURF STATUS to 8888.
Can I avail of this promo while roaming?
Sorry, but this promo is available only in the Philippines.
What happens if I go abroad (roaming) while subscribed to this offer?
Your mobile Internet use will be charged based on the roaming partner’s rates. Mobile operators outside the Philippines charge mobile Internet use based on volume or kilobytes transferred (upload and download).

What websites can I visit using Super Surf?
You can visit any website using Super Surf and all these will be free while the subscription is still active.
What if my Super Surf subscription expires while surfing the Internet? Will I automatically be registered to SUPERSURF again?
You will not be automatically registered to Super Surf again if you were in the middle of a browsing session when your Super Surf subscription expired. You will receive a text informing you of the expiry and you will be charged P5 for every 15 minutes of connection beyond your Super Surf subscription. You may register again to Super Surf as soon as your subscription expires.
How much prepaid balance should I maintain in order to enjoy my Super Surf promo?
Please maintain a minimum balance of PHP5 to be able to enjoy your Super Surf subscription.
When will my subscription expire?
Depending on the variant subscribed to, your subscription will end in either 24 hours after receiving the confirmation text (for the one-day variant), or 120 hours after receiving the confirmation text (for the five-day variant).
If I stop my Super Surf subscription prior to its expiry, will I get a refund for the remaining number of hours/days?
No, you will not get a refund for unused hours if you choose to unsubscribe / stop the Super Surf service prior to expiry.
How can I check if my subscription is still active?
To check your subscription status, send SUPERSURFSTATUS to 8888.
What do I text if I want to know more about the promo?
To know more about this promo, send SUPERSURFHELP to 8888.
Can I avail of other promos while I?m subscribed to Super Surf?
You may subscribe to other call and text promos as you normally would while subscribed to Super Surf.

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